Mold Remediation

Eliminate Harmful Mold With Mold Remediation

Hire State College, PA’s MY Solutions, LLC for the job

Even a small amount of mold can compromise your home’s air quality. Make sure your property is free from harmful mold by contacting MY Solutions, LLC. Our team can restore your property when it is threatened by mold. We will begin with a mold assessment, checking your entire structure and crawl space for the presence of harmful mold. We’ll test the moisture levels of every room and create a moisture map to get an accurate idea of the extent of the problem. From there, we’ll recommend an effective mold remediation solution.

Our mold remediation experts use only organic products to get rid of mold, so there’s no harmful chemical residue to worry about. Reach out to MY Solutions, LLC to schedule your mold remediation service today!

We’ll nip your mold problem in the bud!

State College, Pennsylvania’s MY Solutions, LLC has extensive experience handling mold remediation. When you schedule an appointment with us, our certified mold remediation experts will:

  • Test the moisture levels in every room of your home
  • Inspect your home’s structure and crawl space
  • Create a moisture map highlighting any problem areas
  • Use organic products to eradicate mold

See what MY Solutions, LLC can do for you by calling 814-808-5689.

Services include:
mold remediation
mold testing
mold cleanup

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